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What on earth is that??

So here is a scenario or two for you, you have made plans to meet family or friends that you haven’t seen in a while. It’s been months, years even since you saw them last and your looking forward to having a good old catch up. Maybe you’re planning a big birthday surprise for an older family member and you’re planning on sharing a home movie with the guests. You eagerly rummage through your loft for those old family videos – it would be great to reminisce on the good old days….. the weddings, christenings, special occasions you once shared, maybe growing up over the years together.

Bingo – you’ve just discovered your old video tapes but on closer inspection you discover they have a white powder on the top of the tape. You can see it through the plastic windows on the top of the plastic case that houses the tape. What on earth is it??

Well over the years I have met so many customers, that had planned such an occasion or gathering only to find their tapes won’t play, why? Let me explain, these tapes that hold years of your special memories are infected! That’s right infected with mold, you wouldn’t think would you that plastic could be a breeding ground for mold, but sadly after years of storage this white powder has started to infest your tapes and is destroying your cherished memories as I type and very soon this powder will thicken and coat the magnetic ribbon in what can only be described as a sugar like substance rendering them unplayable.

It’s been a while since VHS tapes were used (most VHS tapes stopped being used in the 90s) and they have now practically become obsolete. I say practically, because we all know an Aunty Betty, that refuses to move with the times and still swears by her video recorder. On the whole though, my betting is that most of yours have been stored away in the loft space or cupboards for well over 20 years and if the mold hasn’t set in then the tapes will almost certainly be shredded beyond repair from the changes in temperature and humidity in these storage conditions.

But all is not lost, and this is where we can help, converting your memories from older formats including tapes, negatives and photos onto a DVD, preserving your precious memories for future generations. Now really is a great time to transfer your tapes to DVD, and futureproof all of those special memories forever.

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