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Tis the season “Pha lala la lala la”

I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas already, the festive season is gathering momentum and we are all hurtling head long into the family reunions, get togethers, works Christmas parties, nights out or nights in and for a lucky few of us a getaway somewhere warm or possibly cold depending on how energetic you are.

The festive season is met with Uncle Bill suddenly becoming Steven Spielberg pulling out the camera which has spent the last 320 days of the year in the loft and he’s off – snapping away with gusto. Even the shyest amongst us are not safe, suddenly being made to enter stage right for the obligatory Christmas photo’s.

Up and down the land, hundreds if not thousands of people snap away making memories over the Christmas and New Year period……

But what happens when the tree comes down and the last mince pie crumbs have been hoovered up by the dog? Let me tell you, those amazing snapshots in time are forgotten, swiped right and left on memory cards and sticks to be lost forever.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if, next year you could lay your hands on them easily and all gather around the TV and look back on how much fun you had over Christmas 2017.

Here’s an idea – how about gifting memories to a loved one or friend? People love to reminisce, so why not gather together all those old photos, videos and long forgotten music tapes and having all those memorable moments immortalised on to DVD to some favourite tunes and giving a copy as a gift to that special someone.

Not only is this a unique gift that no-one else will have, a complete one off! It’s full of sentiment and actually the very epitome of what Christmas is all about……. remembering our loved ones and reflecting on our most memorable moments.

There see, I’ve gone all gushy but I’m sure you know what I mean.

Lastly here’s a Tony Tip….

As you get older you will appreciate this little snippet of wisdom even more. When you’re taking those photos and selfies make sure the date facility is switched on, there is nothing worse than looking back at those old pics and trying to name the year it was taken.

Mind you this makes a great family game if you get a bit bored of watching the repeats of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for the 25th Christmas running.

Equally when storing the memory cards or discs, put them in a secure box and write the date and a description on the side. That way when you do want to revisit them they are easily found.

I will leave that pearl of wisdom with you and all that is left for me to say is from everyone at Video to DVD “May you all have a very merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year”.



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