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Shoebox Vs DVD

Well its back to work here at Video to DVD after a nice break in the Isle of Wight and a birthday celebration for me (I shall be keeping which one a secret). I am back to converting peoples special memories to DVD making sure they are safely preserved for posterity.

I suppose you could be mistaken for thinking that we only convert VHS videos to DVDs, but that’s really not all we do, we also put your treasured photo albums on to DVD. Can you imagine shoeboxes brimming with memories all containing hundreds of photos of friends and family, holidays and celebrations tucked away in attics up and down the country all waiting to be safely transported to one single disc, well that’s exactly what we do – convert your pics to disc.

These shoeboxes usually find themselves in lofts, and cupboards so when Aunty Doris turns up and the reminiscing starts you have to try and remember where those photos of Uncle Charlie are. Once found the damp and heat has usually accelerated the fading process.

If you’re under a certain age you’re probably not a shoebox kind of person, lots of people (I have been guilty of this myself) store photos on their computers, laptops and mobile devices – all of which can corrupt, be lost or stolen and take with them your collections. By transferring copies of your photographs onto disc you are creating another back up, so if something were to go wrong, they are protected.

The capacity to hold hundreds of your favourite pics on a single disc also means that you can transport photos quickly and without putting your back out.


While most people today tend to keep entire collections of memories on their smartphones or tablets without any forms of back up, my advice would be treat these files as effectively what they are, negatives of your photos – just as previous generations would have stored their negatives separately in shoeboxes, you need to back these up separately. In other words the negative is your means to reproduce a photograph and should be stored in a way that ensures you can replicate the hundreds of albums you have built up over time quickly and easily.

Now I know there are other alternatives to storing your photo collections, for instance the Cloud which is ranked at number 5 in the best storage solutions – but is it secure? Maybe that’s the reason in comes in at No. 5. Something to consider isn’t it.

I shall leave you with that thought….

All the Best


Video to DVD

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