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Magical Memories

Have you ever been clearing out space either in the loft or even in cupboards and

Come across old video tapes that you had forgotten about, they had been marked

The kid’s Birthdays, Christmas, even Holidays, Special Family Memories, or even

Grandparents, well lets not neglect those memories, they where special to you once

Why not make them special again?

Maybe the family are now grown up and moved away, and maybe they have there

Own family, they want to show their children, memories of their own childhood.

We here at Video to DVD that’s exactly what we do, we transfer all those memories

That you have hidden away for years to a digital format so you can watch them all

Over again.


Tony’s Tip


Don’t leave your tapes hidden without covering them, leave them stored in there

Boxes, it will stop them getting damp and harming the tape in the case, try to keep

Them dry it stops the mold getting to your tape.



Video to dvd

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