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Hello Pop Fans

If you’re over the age of 40 you may remember Sunday nights sitting by the radio cassette finger poised over the button waiting for the BBC Radio Top 40 single charts to be played so you could record all your favourite tunes. Growing up in the era of vinyl and cassette myself, I can clearly recall this being the activity of me and many of my friends. Which leads me to my next question, how many households up and down the country have a box in the loft, filled with cassette tapes of forgotten classic pop music from the 60’s,70’s and 80’s?

I can almost hear the cries from here. Some of these golden oldies are long forgotten by the radio waves and yet are a fantastic reminder of our youth, it seems such a shame doesn’t it to leave them sitting in a box…….

What if you suddenly decided to haul them out of the box and go through them, you’d be looking at hours up hours of sitting bent over with a pencil in one hand and a tape in the other trying to untangle the probably already knotted cellophane, (I am laughing as I type this because some our younger generation have no idea what I am going on about, they just haven’t a clue about the hours of fun you can have trying to untangle these tape cassettes).

However, with the revival of 80’s music and the growing culture of retro music on PC and video games and at festivals our youngsters have heard and love some of the songs that formed our childhood, but have no way of playing the tapes we have stored away – we all know cassette recorders are practically antiques and very hard if not impossible to come across.

So by transferring these golden greats to a CD you will not only be clearing out some space in the loft, you will have the perfect chance to reminisce over all the great music you’d practically forgotten about, and you will be able to share your “Musical Youth” (did you see what I did there) with a whole new generation.

The thing is you could even have them burned to CD over your old photo collection, a double whammy, and a great musical reminder of what a great time you had growing up.

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