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Is it time for our November Blog already? Staring out of the window at the tail end of storm Ophelia isn’t getting much blogging done, but we all have days where we can’t get motivated and where odd thoughts pop into your head and you just have to mull them over with a cuppa, and a bit of cake, and today is one of those days for me.

I know I am supposed to be blogging for our VtoDVD media content, yet here I am procrastinating. Caused by the recent sale of our house, I am reflecting on our time here. I should be working so here we go……I am in my office CHECK! At my desk CHECK! The computer is switched on………CHECK!

That’s as far as I have got really, contemplating where it all began for us at VtoDVD……..and THATS IT!! My EUREKA moment, and my blog content for this month.

It all started with some old film cans found in a box in the loft of this house when we first moved here, some years ago. These boxes contained a priceless treasure trove of memories forgotten and kept in the loft with the intention that someone would one day care for them. Yet here they were damp, mouldy and very obviously left behind, which raises a lot of questions such as how? Why?

Most photos and videos are taken with the intent to preserve as much of our family memories as possible – one cherished box of photos or videos at a time. Think about that for a second…… not only have we seen real history unfold from our past, but we have captured a million single moments in time. Generations of our ancestors have done the same and boxes just like the one found in our loft have gone forgotten in houses up and down the country for years.

VtoDVD have learned techniques of preserving these priceless memories to digital formats for families to keep forever, and pass down to their children and their grandchildren. Word soon gets out and we now find ourselves preserving the memories from similar boxes held in other people’s homes.

However, I am convinced that there is more of our history lying in attics, closets and basements up and down the country than there is in museums, libraries and universities. It occurred to me that we are probably the first generation of mankind to be able to watch and hear our grandparents grow up through these boxed memories. Face it – preserving these memories onto DVD is a digital genius and a legacy we should pass on to our children.

So as we move towards another celebration period on the calendar – keep in mind that every day is a potential memory – it comes only once – and our most important memories won’t be of the places we have seen or visited. They will be of the people around us that we take for granted. They are who we want to see and remember.

Take a picture of somebody today.   Preserve it, VtoDVD it, Share it for a lifetime.

Tony Tip

Make memories and stay safe on Guy Fawkes Night.

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