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Dave’s Video Disaster

Dave – if you’re reading this, I’m sorry! I know you hate to be reminded of what happened all those years ago. What did you call it? “The most embarrassing moment of your whole entire life”? Well, as your loving brother, I tell you now. The best way to atone for your terrible mistake is for the whole world to know. That way, no-one need ever again worry about committing the same cataclysmic catastrophe. So – isn’t this what happened?

Unreliable, flaky

Back in 1997, you and Suzy had been to the wedding of your lifelong pal, Jamie. You were the best man, weren’t you? You’d been good mates since school and were the obvious choice. Sadly, Jamie’s bride-to-be wasn’t so sure. What did Alice call you? ‘Unreliable?’, ‘Flaky?’. Six months later, she’d be calling you a lot worse.

The wedding was great. I was there too and remember it vividly. Everyone agreed. Your speech was the highlight of the day (your dancing was just as memorable – but not in such a good way).

Jamie and Alice arranged to have the occasion videoed. Alice moaned about the expense, but in the end, they were happy with the result. A month passed. They held a party for close friends, so that everyone could sit through and enjoy the video. But you and Suzy couldn’t make the party, could you? You were away on holiday.

A day to forget

When you returned, Suzy asked Alice if the pair of you could borrow the video and watch it through for yourselves. Alice agreed, somewhat reluctantly, warning you to take good care of the precious cassette. “I don’t want Dave spilling beer all over it”, she warned – somewhat unkindly, I thought.

Then along came that fateful November Saturday night. You, I and a handful of pals had been out for an evening of snooker. And that’s when it happened …

He’s scored!!!

Let’s fast-forward two weeks. Alice was enjoying a girlie night in with her friends. She insisted on subjecting them again (it must have been for the third time, at least) to the highlights of her Wedding Day. They’d just reached the part of the Church service, when the vicar said, “I declare you man and wife …,”. The picture suddenly flickered, disappeared, to be replaced with Ryan Giggs heading a goal and John Motson, screaming, “… and he’s scored!!!!” Yes Dave – you’d recorded one Match Of The Day over another!

So Dave – you’re right. It was a disaster. I’m not surprised you wince every time you cast your mind back. You’d recorded the football over Jamie and Alice’s wedding. Is Alice speaking to you yet? But of course, it wasn’t all your fault. She should have broken the ‘tab’ off the back of the cassette. And yes – she should have made a copy.

Perfect permanent copies – every time

If only Video to DVD had been around in those days. All this could have been avoided. Alice and Jamie would have owned perfectly re-created digital versions of their wedding day and you, dear Dave, would still be on Alice’s Christmas card list.

Remember Dave: Preserve it – VtoDVD it – Share it for a lifetime.

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