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A Day In The Life………

Please excuse the Beatles related title, I couldn’t resist the pun after spending a few days away with the wife and our friends up in Liverpool.

I was very happy to pose for this pic at the Cavern, well who wouldn’t be, it’s a reminder of all the great bands and singers of my era. We were snapping away like David Bailey which sparked a bit of a debate actually. We must have taken 300 or more photos between us and being all of a certain age it wasn’t surprising that we remember the old celluloid reels and taking them to the developers in shoeboxes to be developed not knowing if they had turned out or not.

These days of course it’s all on memory sticks and cards and you can view them before printing, which is obviously better. But here’s the thing, what happens with all the hundreds of photos you have taken on the memory cards, do you leave them on the card? Have them printed out or just forget they are there all together. Maybe you’re a fan of storing them onto your computer hard drive….this is of course perfectly fine, until your files corrupt, or your lose your laptop.

Personally, I store all mine to DVD. I think there is nothing better than popping a disc into the DVD player and getting together with friends and family over a glass of something bubbly to reminisce over the places you’ve been, the things you have seen and the people you’ve met along the way.

Not so easy to do if you leave the photos on a memory card, can you imagine all crowding around the camera or playing pass the parcel with your SLR, so here is where I highly recommend getting those precious memories on to DVD, and it really isn’t expensive.

Don’t neglect those memorable moments, get them on to a DVD, plan that modern day family slide show, share your experiences, laugh at those “you’ve been framed moments”, wonder at the places you’ve been too, the baby pictures. After all there is nothing better than sharing these life experiences with the ones you love most.

Tony Tip

Why not put together a DVD of special memories as a gift for someone special.

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